Why Choose Family First Fostering

Children cannot be valued unless foster carers are recognised as the important resource that they are. It is they who administer to a child’s needs on a 24-hour basis and who have the capacity through the skill, commitment and care they demonstrate, to transform a child’s life and experiences.

Family First Fostering foster carers are the most important resource to children and young people who are looked after by the agency on behalf of local authorities and need to be supported in their demanding role by the supervising social workers, social workers and the placing authority department.

By providing the following, we are able to help our foster cares build the confidence and skills needed in order to support the children and young people in their care:

  • Training/workshops
  • Social events
  • Monthly support groups
  • Fostering network membership
  • 24/7 ongoing carer and placement support
  • Specialist post approval training tailored to foster carers’ individual needs
  • Generous fostering allowances
  • Support and supervisory visits/contact from supervising social workers
  • Respite care