Equal Opportunities and Diversity

Family First Fostering is committed to emphasising equal opportunity and diversity as a key feature within its activities and provisions. We aim to provide services to foster carers and children, which value and recognise differences. Our commitment to equality and diversity is demonstrated through our policies, practices, training, development, and work with young people.

We strive to ensure that no foster carer applicant is discriminated against, directly or indirectly, on the grounds of colour, race, ethnic and national origins, nationality (citizenship), sex, sexual orientation or gender, being married, disability, religion or belief, or being part-time.

At Family First, we will take positive action, where necessary, to:

  • provide an environment and culture which recognises and values differences.
  • create a more diverse workforce and client group.

We are dedicated to challenging oppressive and discriminatory practice so that no individual or group is discriminated against for any reason. We work in a ethical, moral and socially responsible manner. You may request a copy of our equal opportunities and diversity policy by calling or completing the enquiry form.